Q : Are plants included in the solutions?

Yes, plants are included in our solutions. We currently procure plants from external source.

Q : What kinds of plants are provided?

We provide interior plants that purify air by absorbing indoor gas emissions and reduce toxin levels. And at the same time extremely attractive to look at.

Q : What kinds of plants are not provided?

We do not provide any poisonous plants that can be harmful to children and pets.

Q : Do you use chemical based materials for plants upkeep?

We have zero tolerance in using any harmful chemicals fertilizer, pesticides and insecticides. We always use organic materials.

Q : Who will provide support to water plants when needed?

We provide plant watering automation solutions and the same is included in our offerings. No manual intervention required for watering.

Q : If light is not sufficient can there be any solution?

Post survey, adding artificial lightings can be recommended in case of insufficient light.

Q : What we do?

We provide indoor and semi indoor end to end “Plantscaping” solutions as per your choice. Our solutions are based on the current conditions at your place required for thriving of plants and considering other factors such as light and water availability and easy maintainability.
All our solutions are custom designed. We value that each customer has different taste and liking. However, the core purpose remains same i.e., bring positive vibes, add freshness and enhance productivity. We try to be as creative as far as possible in our solutions designs.

Q : How we work?

Our work begins with a cost free client visit. We collect parameters necessary for plant survival mainly light availability and source of water. At the same time, we do a counseling session with the client to understand the needs, tastes and budget. Posts which we recommend the best possible solution to the client for a likely go ahead.

Q : Do we provide post installation support?

Yes. After support is an important part of our solutions. We provide free service visits twice in the first month and once for the next two months. Overall, we give three months free of charge services.

Q : Is there any replacement policy?

Yes. Any naturally dead plants will be replaced by the same variety if occurred during the warranty period of 3 months post installation.

Q : How we can be contacted?

Call us or Whatsapp us on our contact number 7387221146. You can also email us at; contactus@interioforest.com


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