Live Plants Increase Productivity

Studies have proved that live plants in office increases productivity. It is estimated that indoor plants increase productivity by 15%. Indoor “Plantscaping” makes your place more enjoyable, comfortable and profitable too. Live plants that are maintained professionally result in happier team Members, increased productivity and improved bottom lines.
Homes with green walls can be more lively and be your rush to destination. They can be your best places to bond with your loved ones and me too time.


Live Plants Reduce Noise Levels

Plants absorb, diffract and reflect sound. The balance varies with the frequency at which the sound is generated and the room’s physical properties. The type of plant, its size, shape, the container, top dressings and the compost, all have an effect on the sound reduction capabilities of plant displays.
Plant parts such as stems, leaves, branches and wood all absorb sound. Rough bark and thick, fleshy leaves are particularly effective at absorbing sound with their dynamic surface area. The greater number of plants, the size of the plant and its surface area will all affect its ability to absorb sound. Plants alter room acoustics by reducing the reverberation time.


Live Plants Improve Indoor Air Quality

Plants remove carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air. Since every person in your indoor space needs oxygen, live interior plants are a cost-effective way to help improve indoor air quality.
Research shows that indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air and according to NASA, plants can remove up to 87% of indoor air toxins in just 24 hours, making the air you breathe much healthier.


Live Plants Reduce Energy Costs

House plants help to keep cooling and heating costs down by adding humidity to the room. Plants release moisture into the air through the process of transpiration, which is when moisture evaporates from the leaves. This can both cool and warm a room, ironically enough. When plants release moisture into the air in a warm room, it can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees,(according to the University of Vermont Extension).


Live Plants Improve Health

Live plants can lower cases of minor respiratory conditions and headaches caused by indoor air pollution thereby lowering the occurrence of sick days.
The human need to connect with nature, known as biophilia, will also reduce fatigue and stress, lessen sick days.


Green is new Trend

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